G5 Organic Silica

Background explanation and notes

The polarity of cells

For some time it has been known that healthy cells, whether in humans, animals or plants, have a negative and a positive pole on opposite sides. It has been proved that when a cell is disturbed, for instance by bacteria, a virus or a wound, its poles move a little. This means that the disturbance in the organism is largely the result of this electrical maladjustment in the cell. And we know that to rebalance the polarity of the cells - even where it is possible - takes a long time.

Mineral silica and organic silica

As a mineral, silica is the second most common constituent of the Earth (27.8% in weight), oxygen being the first (46.6% in weight). Silica may be amorphous or crystallised in rocks such as granite and rock quartz, as well as in clays and sand grains. Organic silica is different from the mineral form because there are one or more atoms of carbon associated with hydrogen. The organic form of silica is a component of living tissue, and occurs very often in plants, animals and human beings. In the human body it is found particularly in the tissues, cartilage and vascular walls, and in the thymus gland, the adrenals, liver, pancreas, spleen and so on.

Organic silica and the human body

It has been proved also that the quantity of organic silica present in the body decreases with age. It is impossible to stop this loss because the human body cannot assimilate the mineral silica ingested in food and drink, or convert it into organic silica. However many plants and micro-organisms (diatoms, bacteria, radiolaria and mushrooms) are able, by various processes not yet fully explained, to make this conversion and assimilate organic silica from the mineral silica present in the soil.

The Discovery

Norbert Duffaut

In 1957 the chemist Norbert Duffaut of the University of Bordeaux discovered a way to synthesize molecules of organic silica, and in collaboration with several doctors began to use them in medical
applications under the name of DNR. In 1967 the French Academy of Sciences awarded one of the practitioners concerned(1) the J. Lévy-Bricker Prize for Medicine in acknowledgement of the results obtained using DNR in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Over a period of more than twenty years thousands of patients suffering from a wide variety of diseases(2) were cured, and several articles were published in various scientific journals. During all this time Duffaut fought to obtain official testing of his molecules, but was met with nothing more than persistent indifference from the French Ministry of Health.

Loïc Le Ribault

Loïc Le Ribault is a geologist and one of the pioneer users in France of the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). In 1970 he invented a method called 'exoscopy', now used throughout the world, by which the geological history of sedimentary sand grains could be determined. In
two articles published in the journal of the French Academy of Sciences(3) he demonstrated that some of these grains have on their surface thin layers of highly soluble silica. He discovered later (4) that these layers were made by micro-organisms, mainly bacteria, which were able to extract mineral silica from the quartz grains and convert it into organic silica.

It was while he was working with these micro-organisms in 1975 that he discovered by chance their therapeutic qualities. At the time he was suffering from a form of psoriasis which had affected his hands for ten years, and which had been diagnosed as incurable. The experiments obliged him to put his right hand into a solution of silica extracted from quartz grains, and rich in organic silica. Two days later he was astonished to see the psoriasis had disappeared from this hand, though it was still present on his left hand. Intrigued and wanting to clarify cause and effect, he put his left hand in a similar solution, and again in two days saw the same amazing result. That was the beginning of several years of work in collaboration with various doctors treating skin diseases such as psoriasis and herpes.



1 Dr G. R. Rager.

2 For instance asthma, high blood pressure, chronic bronchitis,
rheumatism, hepatitis, etc.

3 L. Le Ribault (1972), 'Présence d'une pellicule de silice amorphe à la
surface de cristaux de quartz des formations sableuses,' Compte Rendu de
l'Académie des Sciences, Paris, vol. 272, pp. 1933-6, D.

4 L. Le Ribault (1975), 'L'Exoscopie - Méthode et applications, Notes et
Mémoires de le C.F.P., no. 12, 231 pages, 456 pictures.


L. Le Ribault (1977), L'Exoscopie des quartz, Editions Masson, Paris,
150 pages, 182 pictures.

Duffaut and Le Ribault

Both Duffaut and Le Ribault, working independently, came to the conclusion that organic silica has indisputable therapeutic properties. They met in 1982 and in their subsequent collaboration worked on several silica molecules with different therapeutic uses. Over the next eleven years they amassed innumerable proofs of the incredible effectiveness of these molecules, treating hundreds of patients without charge, and curing a wide range of illnesses, aiming always to perfect their products. In 1985 they developed a special molecule, DNV, for the treatment of viral diseases. Two years later they informed the French Minister for Scientific Research that DNV might be a hope in the treatment of AIDS and that it should be officially researched. Ten years later, the Minister had still not replied...

In November 1993 Norbert Duffaut in despair committed suicide, and was found dead in his bed. Strangely he left no word to explain his action, other than a few hints in the disturbing book he was about to publish:

'To cure so many diseases with only one product, in other words that a panacea had
 been discovered, seemed impossible to so many fine minds . . . However I don't feel
any bitterness or vengefulness and I can quite understand that the scientists don't
believe in my discovery, but I cannot accept that they refuse to investigate it without
even having tried it.'

Thus Le Ribault was left alone to continue the research.

G5 Organic Silica

Until this time it had been necessary to activate the organic silica by adding small quantities of products used in allopathic or homeopathy, products which were chosen specifically for each illness being treated. These molecules could only be used in cutaneous applications. In 1994 Le Ribault perfected a new molecule which can be used, without any additive, in the treatment of many different diseases. Another important advance was that this molecule, absolutely non-toxic, can be taken orally. This is G5, monomethylsilanetriol.

The properties of G5 Organic Silica

For years proof has been accumulating of the effectiveness of organic silica. With regard to G5, its effectiveness is proved by tests in official laboratories(1) and by many testimonies from doctors and
patients, supported by a great variety of records (blood analyses, X-rays, photos, etc), and its use by more than 100,000 patients has proved that it has the following characteristics:

* it is completely non-toxic.(2)

* it can be assimilated directly by the human organism and by animals
and plants.

* it has a significant capacity to penetrate the skin and be diffused throughout the body, reaching those organs or areas suffering from pain, damage or malfunction.
* it plays a vital role in restructuring the fibres of elastene and collagen, in the early stages of bone mineralisation and in the metabolism in general.

* it accelerates the processes of cicatrisation and tissue healing.

* it is anti-inflammatory.

* it strengthens the immune defences of the organism.

* it is a very efficient pain-killer which acts within a few minutes, notably for joint pain, burns, cuts   
   and stings (wasps, mosquitoes, nettles, jellyfish, etc).

* it has no side-effects, even after being used for many years.

* it is compatible with any other treatment that may be prescribed.


(1) Tests made by Professor Jean Cahn, Chairman of SIR International
Institute, Professor of Pharmacy and Neurobiology in the University of
Pavia, former Director of the Centre for Therapeutic Experimentation in
the Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris, former Director of the
Institute for Experimental Therapy and Clinical Research in Paris. Tests
made involving 110 patients suffering from asthma (85% success), various
allergies (75% success) and herpes (80% success). It was also proved to
be very effective in healing other skin conditions.

(2) Official tests carried out by the French Agence du Médicament for the
French Public Health Department and published in the press 18 December 1988.

How does G5 Organic Silica work?

How can a single molecule cure so many different conditions?

It's impossible to give a precise answer to this question, but I offer a simple hypothesis which is the only reasonable explanation in view of what has been proved so far.

1:            We know that when a cell function is disturbed, its polarities move slightly, so much of the disturbance in the organism is linked to this electrical maladjustment in the cells.

2:            Studies with the scanning electron microscope prove that molecules of organic silica such as G5 are very unstable, especially when mixed with water. They are always changing shape, revolving continuously a hundred times a second. Under the SEM the molecule looks like a fern leaf, the prominent parts being the positive poles and the hollows the negative ones.

3:            Thus it is probable that G5 acts in the organism to restore the polarity of the disturbed cells, supplying positive or negative charges as required so that the cells have the power they need to resist
invasion or repair damage.

Why is G5 Organic Silica able to make rapid improvement in general health as well as curing the disease that is specifically treated?

1:            There is conclusive evidence that organic silica plays a vital part in the general health of the human organism.

2:            We know that the amount present in the body decreases with age.

3:            We also know that this loss cannot be prevented because the body can only assimilate silica in its organic form and cannot obtain it from the mineral form.

4:            The results obtained by drinking G5 Organic Silica show that it can be assimilated and that it replenishes the supply of organic silica.

5:            Though the amount provided by the absorption of G5 Organic Silica decreases slowly too, it can be replenished again by another course of treatment if the patient feels their symptoms returning.

Why is it useful in some cases to drink G5 and apply it to the skin as well?

G5 Organic Silica acts like a rocket to carry organic silica to all parts of the body suffering from disease or disturbance, even if the latter is not causing pain. Drinking it will cure in most cases the cause of the problem, but this may take a little time. It will act first on the fundamental health problems, which are not necessarily the most acutely painful. That is why it is necessary, as explained above, when using it to treat a specific pain, to apply it also on the skin as near to the source of the pain as possible.

Directions for use

G5 Organic Silica comes in liquid form and as a gel. The liquid can be drunk, and both forms can be used on the skin.  The 1 litre bottle lasts for three years unopened, and one year after opening.

Oral use

The treatment consists of taking one tablespoon of G5 Organic Silica a day for one month. Within 2 - 4 days, maybe a week, there is usually a noticeable improvement in various indicators of well-being, such as sleep patterns, appetite, tonicity, state of nerves. We recommend stopping the treatment after a month, but it can be started again if these factors indicate that it is needed. However since G5 is so adaptable, and has never shown any side-effects, each person is free to use it as they wish.

We recommend taking it first thing in the morning but this is not obligatory. If other treatment is being followed at the same time and other medication, allopathic or homoeopathic, has been prescribed, it is
best to take the G5 at least one hour before or after the other preparation so that it has its maximum effect. In the few seconds or minutes after taking G5 you may feel a slight prickling sensation or feeling of warmth moving through your body. This is normal and such reactions usually disappear in a few minutes.


Moisten a piece of gauze or cotton wool the size of the area that is painful or malfunctioning with the liquid. Apply this over the area and cover it with a piece of plastic secured all round with sticking
plaster. The compress should be left in place for 6-8 hours, for instance at night.


Moisten a piece of gauze or cotton wool as above, and apply it to the skin for about 10 minutes. There often follows a sensation of prickling like 'pins and needles', or of warmth or cold spreading through the treated area. If there is no particular sensation, however, this does not mean that the G5 is not working. Remove the poultice after about 10 minutes and let the skin dry in the open air. Repeat as necessary if the trouble or pain recurs. Occasionally the skin reacts with redness or itching; in this case try the massage treatment instead.


Put some G5 into a clean atomiser and spray it over the painful or troubled area. Leave this untouched for about 10 minutes, then dry the area with a tissue or sterilised gauze, or else let the skin dry naturally. Repeat as necessary if the pain or trouble recurs. NB: Use only a new atomiser reserved exclusively for G5, never one that has been used for something else.


Spread a thin coat of gel on the skin of the painful or affected area. Leave it untouched for about 1 minute then massage it in gently until it is all absorbed. Repeat as necessary if the pain or trouble recurs.

1: acne: massage 3 times a day.

2: allergies (various): 1 tablespoon of liquid a day for 1 month + poultices or massage 3 or 4
     times a day inside the elbow.

3: articular pains (arthritis, rheumatism, etc): 1 tablespoon of liquid a day for one month +
    poultices or massage on the painful joints as often as necessary.

4: asthma: same as (2).

5: bruising: poultices or massage.

6: burns: atomisation.

7: cardiovascular problems: 1 tablespoon of liquid a day for one month.

8: cholesterol imbalance: 1 tablespoon of liquid a day for one month, then blood tests to check
     the results and adjust the treatment if necessary.

9: Crohn's disease: same as (8).

10: cuts: poultices or atomisation.

11: diabetes: same as (8).

12: eczema: 1 tablespoon of liquid a day for a month + massage 2-4 times a day on the areas affected.

13: general debility (tiredness, excitability, irritability, insomnia, digestive problems, etc): 1 tablespoon of liquid a day for a month.

14: headaches (persistent): 1 tablespoon of liquid a day for a month + poultice or massage on the painful area in the case of fits.

15: hepatitis: 1-3 tablespoons of liquid a day for a month, then blood tests to check the results and adjust the treatment if necessary.

16: herpes: same as (12).

17: nervous breakdown: same as (13).

18: psoriasis: same as (12).

19: shingles: same as (12).

20: sinusitis: poultices 3-4 times a day.

21: sprains: compresses 6-8 hours a day.

22: stings (fleas, wasps, mosquitoes, nettles, jellyfish, etc): poultices or massages. The pain or swelling usually disappears in a few minutes.

NB: Do not use for bites from poisonous animals such as snakes, which
require the injection of specific serums.

23: sunburn: atomisation or massage.

24: tendonitis: same as (21).

NB: This list is not exhaustive. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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125 ml gel + 1 litre bottle combined @ £16.90 + £25.00  + postage £ 7.00

500 ml gel in dispenser @ £39.90 each + postage £ 3.50

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The following testimonies are selected from thousands, all in the safekeeping of lawyers, which confirm one of the most remarkable properties of G5, namely that when it is taken regularly it not only
cures the presenting symptoms but makes a marked improvement in the patient's general health.

Some recent testimonies



H.S. April 2008

`I have very bad osteoarthritis in my hips.  I have found Organic Silica helps with the pain and therefore my mobility to a certain extent.’

P.G.A.C. April 2008

`I have detected a small indication of improvement in the arthritis in my shoulders ….. it has encouraged me to consume a little more of the jollop.’


C.M., Amateur Gardener: Bristol  May 2008

`I’m opening my garden for Gardens in Bloom early June and its dawned on me this morning I’m spending hours each day gardening without getting exhausted – that’s never happened before – I’ve even got enough energy to fit in some cleaning indoors too! It has to be the Silica!’


H. N. Office Manager: Eire May 2008

I will need to order more liquid Silica soon. Just to let you know it continues to help my level of
arthritic pain. I can function and climb steps now without much effort at all. It has made my arthritis very manageable and there are moments when I don't feel pain at all.
That is a huge difference to the awful state I was in.


+ indicates testimonies from practitioners, doctors, chemists, etc.
# indicates testimonies checked and published by a newspaper.

Acne +

Philippe R., dental surgeon, 10/06/95:

'My children have been using your product for acne, and are delighted with it.'


Mr R.T., Brantôme, 12/08/95:

'I'm 67, and have had arthritis for ten years in the lumbar area, knees and ankles, so I am an invalid and almost completely incapacitated. After two weeks of using G5, I have recovered 60% of the capacities
typical of someone of my age. I now have a lot less pain and am regaining some flexibility in my joints. I hope to complete this success by continuing the treatment. So this letter is a testimony, which I am ready to authenticate if necessary.'

Painful joints - ulcer - herpes

Mrs G., Bègles, 3/01/96:

'After hearing about G5, I ordered some because my back and knees were very painful. These problems disappeared very quickly. My husband had a small ulcer on his leg which I put a compress on morning and evening, and it healed. I also had herpes on the lip, and with some compresses night and morning the pimples disappeared in three days.'

Arthritis - headaches - insomnia

Mrs G., St Loubes, 4/01/96:

'I take G5 3 times a day and my hands are getting better, I can write better and hold things, which I couldn't do before in spite of the doctors. My headaches are less frequent and my cervical arthritis is
much better. I can't believe how effective it is; because of being ill all the time I'd lost 11 kilos in 4 months, but now since taking the G5 I eat better, I've regained 2 kilos and I sleep better. I don't know how to thank you, but I think of you in my heart.'

Arthritis - headaches - digestive problems

Mrs M.M.F., 23/01/96:

'I had arthritis in my shoulders, feet and hands, and muscular pain in many other places, and after lots of medical treatments each one as ineffective as the last, I was imprisoned in my suffering. Then I heard about G5 from friend and decided to try it. It was a total success after a few days of taking it orally (a soupspoon a day for a month). My pain is now only a bad memory, my suffering is over and I feel fit again.

'But the most extraordinary case is that of my son, who had a serious car crash on 4 September 1995 (8 days in coma, 2 months in Limoges hospital and then nursing home and physiotherapy), with a broken
shoulder, broken teeth and cranial injury. On my advice he started using G5 specially for his headaches which were getting worse, and he was always taking lots of pills, antidepressants and so on. After a few days of applying compresses on the back of his neck and on his liver and drinking G5, we could see a great improvement; no more headaches and the stomach, liver and gut back to normal, while he completely stopped the medical treatment.'

Digestive problems - herpes - arthritis

Mrs J.L., Parempuyre, 1/12/95:

'For the last three weeks my husband and I have been using G5. I had problems with my liver, pancreas, intestines, plus herpes and cervical arthritis. My husband had serious arthritis in his left knee. We've had very positive results. In my case, my neck pain has gone, I can move my head more easily and my general state of health is much better. As for my husband, the pain in his knee has gone, the joint is easier and he can get about more safely. G5 has done wonders for us both. We used compresses for two weeks, and this last week we have been taking a soupspoon-ful morning and night.'


Arthritis - blood pressure - digestive problems - headaches

Mrs J.L., St Astier, 8/01/96:

'I bought three litres of G5 for the three of us, and started the treatment immediately, since I had serious arthritis in my left knee, high blood pressure, genetic cholesterol problems, stomach trouble, etc. That day I also had a big patch of herpes beneath my nose, which was healed right away with a few compresses. Within a few days my blood pressure dropped, and so did my husband's. As for the cholesterol, I don't know yet as I have to go for another test. The arthritis in my knee is so much better, I hardly feel it now. My son has got rid of his headaches by using compresses.'


Burns +

Mrs C., pharmacist, March l996:

'After seeing its spectacular results on a burn, I am very interested in G5.'

Dr Denis G., Bordeaux, November 1995:+
'I, the undersigned, certify that I have examined Mr René A., 80 years old, who had third degree burns on his left forearm. I saw him first on 14 November 1995, just after the burn. One minute after the application of G5 he said the pain had completely gone. Moreover the skin healed very satisfactorily with the application of compresses. The patient was seen again on 17 November: no problem. Seen again on 21 November: we decided to leave the bandage off. Seen again on 27 November: cicatrisation complete with some scabs but without any pain.'   (This case is illustrated by a series of photos taken at regular intervals.)


Digestive problems - poor circulation

Mrs P.B., Thenac, 29/07/95:

'I have had serious digestive problems following a gallbladder operation in July 1994. I couldn't keep down what I ate, and vomited a lot of bile. Since starting the treatment with G5, all these problems have completely vanished! I can eat anything and digest very well. I also had oedema in my legs and very swollen ankles, but now everything has been healed.'


Herpes - shingles - rheumatism - arthritis +

Mrs A.D., pharmacist, 12/08/91:

'I, the undersigned, certify that in the last 18 months I have recommended to my patients the use of G5 for the treatment of herpes (about 100 cases). Since I and my relatives have used G5, I can say that no other product presently on the market is as effective for this problem. I have also recommended it for shingles (5 cases with good results), and for rheumatism and arthritis (about 20 cases). Most of the people concerned came back completely recovered and asking for more of the product.'



Mrs D.S., Neuil-sur-Mer, 9/04/96:

'I have had very good results on a psoriasis of the scalp which I have suffered from for 40 years.'

Psoriasis +

Dr C.M., Ste-Colombe, 8/06/88:

'I, the undersigned, doctor of medicine, certify that my patient Mrs J.L. whom I have treated for cutaneous psoriasis is now completely clear of it, after using exclusively organic silica.'

Testimonies collected and checked by the French paper Sud-Ouest, published 8/10/95

Sprain - particular problems - burn #

Corinne, Bouliac:

'I pulled a muscle in my thigh and the doctor predicted three weeks of discomfort and pain. A compress soaked in G5 for one night solved the problem. The next morning I was able to walk and run.'

Corinne knew about G5 thanks to her father Jacky, from La Teste. A builder and former sportsman, he has had a lot of pain in his joints. 'I always have a phial of G5 in my tool-kit. Not long ago I burned the
upper side of my forearm with a red-hot welding torch. A first application of G5 to clean the bum, which was about 15 cms long, took the pain away immediately. An hour later I put on another compress. The next day there was not a mark to be seen on my skin. I use G5 also for my joint pains, specially on my knees. They disappear immediately after just one application.'

Arthritis - sinusitis #

Jocelyne, La Teste:

'I first used G5 for a cervical osteo-arthritis following a car crash. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs did not have any effect on me. The first compress of G5 relieved me immediately, and within a month the pains had all gone. To stop an attack of sinusitis I swabbed my forehead and the sides of my nose with some cotton wool soaked in G5, which helped a lot, and then I noticed that my skin on the treated area looked prettier. So now I use it every day as make-up remover.'

Burn #

Denis, La Teste:

An Air Force pilot, recently retired, and a motorbike buff, he went out for a long ride on 15 July. He was wearing shorts. When he came back and was putting the bike away in the garage, he tripped and ended up with his right calf against the burning hot exhaust pipe. When he moved his leg away the skin stuck to the metal. A wound 2mm deep, 4cm wide and 10cm long, a third degree bum. A neighbour gave him a glass of G5 and advised him to make a compress. The pain went away almost immediately. A scab formed in a few hours, and fell off a week later.

Joint problems #

Thierry, a soldier in the east of France:

'I've played a lot of football, and for the last five years ago nothing works any more. My knee joints are stiff and crack, the cartilage is crumbling and breaks up with the friction of my kneecaps which are completely jammed. For four years the doctors have talked about operating and replacing part of the kneecaps with a prosthesis, and say anyway it's incurable.

'During a holiday at another camp I met a friend who took me to the house of Mr Le Ribault. The latter put a poultice soaked in G5 on each knee. After a moment I felt a sort of heat in my knees. A quarter of an hour later I stood up, my knees didn't crack any more, they didn't stick or give me any pain. I started doing knee-bends and hopping like a frog; I was so happy and relieved I just couldn't stop!'


Bruising - psoriasis # +

Nicole, hospital doctor:

'The first time I used G5, I was cleaning a nasty wound my dog had got in a fight, but the scissors slipped. Startled by the sudden pain, the dog turned and caught my hand in its teeth. It didn't bite me, but it held my fingers tight like a vice. I got my hand away in the end, but the fingers were numb and I couldn't move them. All this happened late in the afternoon, and it was disastrous because I had a very tricky anaesthesia to do the next day. I asked a colleague to stand by just in case, and I wrapped my fingers in a compress of G5. It took me a long time to get to sleep, but in the morning when I woke up the two fingers were working perfectly.

'Since I'd been told that the product was very effective for skin problems, I rubbed some into my scalp, to see what it could do for the psoriasis that has lurked there since I was a child. It had an immediate and radical effect.'


Drug dependence - hepatitis #

Bruno and Laurence:

A couple in their twenties who have known the hell of drugs. They were lucky not to have lost touch with the ordinary world, and to have had the will power to get out of their habit and make a life together. For the last four months they haven't touched a syringe and are beginning to enjoy life again, without any help except the G5 treatment. And the hepatitis C, the last bequest of Bruno's syringe, is fast disappearing.


Rheumatism - cuts - migraines # +

Pierre, general practitioner:

He started by testing G5 on himself and his family about 6 months ago, for rheumatism, cuts and migraines. 'Between my wife, my kids and myself, not forgetting my parents and my mother-in-law, I soon had enough occasions for using G5 to realise that its uses open up an area of research and application that is almost limitless and which must be explored.

'But I'm sure that acknowledging this discovery would only set off endless conflicts, because it threatens too many vested interests. So when I consider that it's the best thing for one of my patients I tell them about it and where to order it if they wish to. I feel comfortable with this intellectually and morally. The documentation on G5 includes two essential items, established by independent experts: the tests which highlight the therapeutic effectiveness of the product, and others which prove it is completely non-toxic. In this situation I consider that I have the right and even the duty to tell my patients about it when I cannot do anything else for them.

'The fact that this product is not really a medication or that it is not on general sale or that no-one can really explain how it works, does not concern me. What I am interested in is the results, and these I witness when patients considered incurable come to me for a check-up after this 'parallel' treatment. The improvements and cures which I see with my own eyes give me tremendous satisfaction, and I start to believe I am a good doctor.'


Testimony collected and checked by the Antiguan paper The Daily Observer, published 21/08/96

'We decided to run our own experiment and asked one of our employees to go and see Dr Le Ribault about an extremely uncomfortable skin disorder he had been suffering from for years. His skin would at times peel off in large patches leaving the exposed area raw and open to possible infection. On the day that our employee went to see Dr Le Ribault, his fingers were raw and he could not touch the affected areas. Dr Le Ribault applied the liquid form of G5 onto the affected areas and more or less cleaned the wounds with the G5.

'Within 10 minutes our man was able to touch his fingers, and was amazed at the results. Dr Le Ribault asked that our employee continue the treatment regularly for one month, at which time he will be looked at again. Today, one week later, the only complaint from our employee is that with relief in sight after so many years of suffering, he is "impatient for a complete recovery and the G5 is not working fast enough."

'We also spoke to persons who were staying in the same hotel as Dr Le Ribault, who had experienced the miraculous attentions of the G5. Everyone swore that they were cured of painful sunburn within hours, and one person described a deep cut to his finger, that was almost completely cured after wrapping his finger in a cloth soaked in G5 for only one day. Many people have since been visiting the doctor who is only too happy to treat any ailments with his organic wonder drug.'


Testimonies (registered and witnessed) collected in Jersey, Channel
Islands, December 1997 and January 1998

Back pain

L.U. and B.E., deep-sea fishermen:

'Like most people in our job, we've suffered for years from back pain, specially in winter after a day at sea heaving the boxes around, when it would get so bad that in the evening we could hardly move. One evening when we were coming back from the boats, Loïc Le Ribault told us about his product and offered to show us how effective it was. Neither one of us really believed him, but we accepted. After 20 minutes of treatment with the gel, our pains had gone, but we thought they'd soon be back again. But the next day they hadn't come back, nor the day after. Since then we've done the course of treatment with taking the liquid for a month. For the last two months we've been feeling fine, even after a heavy day's work.'

Back pain

F.R., policeman:

'When Le Ribault told me about G5, of course I didn't believe it, but I decided to try it anyway because my back was very painful, and for 4 years I'd had to take pain-killers every morning. He advised me to take one tablespoon of the liquid a day. Two days later, I was sleeping much better, I felt much more energy, and best of all my back pain had totally gone. After a month of treatment, I feel I'm completely cured. Of course I've stopped taking all the "classic" medicines which I was taking every day.

'Last week, while I was doing some odd jobs about the house, a cutter jabbed into my left knee. The wound, 3cm long, 2cm deep and 5mm wide, bled all over the place. I washed it then put over it a gauze soaked in G5. An hour later it had completely healed over.'


D.F., industrialist:

'Having been treated for 15 years for diabetes, I met Le Ribault in the hotel where he is staying. After a month of taking the G5, my blood tests have returned to normal.'

Muscular pain

T.O., bus driver:

'Last week I had to drive an old bus that didn't have power steering. An hour later my right arm was hurting so much that I couldn't move it. This went on for a week, and then I heard about G5. I met Dr Le Ribault, who put on a compress for me which I kept on all night. The next day I didn't feel any more pain, and I could go back to work as usual.'